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Launch of Terms by Spiffy App – Generating Terms & Policies
< 1 minute to read

Terms, Policies and Service Agreements are a set of regulations or policies which users must agree to follow in order to use a service that you, your website, application or business/company provide.

These terms cover a wide array of issues, such as the following examples: copyright and trademark notices, sales/marketing policies of the respective company, what is the meaning of acceptable user behaviours while online etc.

Just from the descriptions above, you should have by now a well shaped idea about why having this type of document set in place for your online business is important.

Why do I need a Terms, Policies and Service Agreements ?

Terms, Policies and Service Agreements explain things related to and set the legal relationship between the user, customer, staff and the services provided by you, your business/company, application or website. By opting to use the online services you are interested in, you are bound to respect those regulations and in case you won’t, you’ll be disconnected.

It is vital for you to be aware of Terms, Policies, Contracts and Service Agreements available to you. Also, use it for setting boundaries on expectations on your users’ side, which should be specified up front.

Why use Terms by Spiffy?

Terms by Spiffy aims to provide you with access to an array of Templates for Terms, Policies, Service Agreements, Contracts and more – to ensure that you have an array of Terms that you may use no matter where you, your business or company is situated.

Unlike other Policy Generators, we review all Terms,Policies and Contracts regularly with new Terms added periodically.

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