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Short Title:

This Policy may be cited as the Payment Terms of the Organization.


In this policy, unless the context otherwise requires –

  1. “the Owner” and/or “the Organization” means –
    1. “OneSpiffy Networks PL”
    2. “OneSpiffy Networks Pte Ltd”
    3. “OneSpiffy”
    4. “OneSpiffy”
    5. “OneSpiffy Pte Ltd”
    6. “Cloud Marine PL”
    7. “Cloud Marine Pte Ltd”
    8. “SIMPLYSnitch PL”
    9. “”
    10. “Clandestine PL”
    11. “Clandestine Pte Ltd”
  2. “Account” or “the account” or “account” means –
    1. The Client’s Account of Services and Financial Standing with the Owner


Administration of Policy

Any account not brought current within 3 days of email notice or exceeding the time frame stipulated or agreed upon in any ways is subjected to suspension. Reminder will be sent via email for invoices which are overdue. If payment is still not received, the Owner may at its discretion suspend the relevant account in accordance to the terms governing the account. The Owner reserves the right to reinstate the suspended account upon payment of a reactivation fee of S$50 per account. If payment is not made in full as stipulated in the agreement, a charge will be imposed at 12% per annum on the outstanding amount from the due date until the date of full payment,and may at its discretion impose the full non-discounted amount in accordance to the invoice.