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Wedding App : Getting Started Guide for Couples

Aug 11, 2016 | Weddings | 1 comment

2 minutes to read


Getting Started Guide for Couples


Login / Registration

Select "Login/Register" to Login or Register for an Account. Or click on the Facebook Button to login automatically with your Facebook Account.



Select "Budget" in the Wedding App. Add your Budget per Category, to start off, add an estimate of your budget - the Budget App will do the rest! Once you are done don't forget to click "Save".


Tasks & Calendar

Select "Tasks" within the Wedding App. Manage Tasks for your Wedding by Adding Tasks and dragging-and-dropping each Task Status. All Tasks are Cloud-Synced! Become a Member to share Tasks with your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

Select "Calendar" on the Wedding App. View all your Wedding Tasks, Events and Meetings and Manage with simple drag-and-drop. Share Events with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen once you've registered with a Membership Plan.



Select "MojoBuilder" by clicking "My Dashboard" Button in the Menu Bar on the top of your screen or within the Wedding App. Customise your Wedding Profile with Block Drag&Drop ease. Upgrade your Membership to gain access to more Blocks. Add Blocks and Edit. Once you are satisfied with your Profile, click save and Publish to your Wedding Profile. View it Live and instantaneously.


Vendors & Shortlisting

Search for Vendors for your Event, you can utilise the search option or filtering by category by clicking the Funnel icon. Become a Member and gain access to more Vendor profiles and listings to get you started. Shortlist the Vendors and Manage the budget for each Vendor. Shortlisted Vendors will not know you shortlisted them, until you request for a Quote.



Select "My Membership" by clicking "My Dashboard" Button in the Menu Bar on the top of your screen or within the Wedding App. Select an Annual or Monthly Membership Plan and make payment to gain access to more features and functionality during our introductory period.


Create a Website

Select "Create a Website" on the Wedding App under your Account Name or "Cloudlet Creator" in "My Dashboard". Create a Personalised Wedding Website with our simple Wizard for your Guests and Family. If you need our development services, email [email protected], and we will design and develop a personalised presence for you.


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