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Users : Adding a New User

Nov 22, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

< 1 minute to read

Select “Add New” under “Users” to get Started.

Click “Add New” to create a New User or “Edit” for an existing User from “All Users”.



Steps to Add A User:

  1. Scroll to “Add New User”
  2. Add a suitable username,
  3. Their email address,
  4. Select their role
  5. Click Add New User.



Tips & Notes:

  1. All new users they will be sent an invitation email and they must click the confirmation link before they’re added as a user to the cloudlet.
  2. New users have 48 hours to click on the link in the email to activate their account otherwise you will need to re-setup their account.
  3. Spam filters, especially strict ones for institutional email addresses, often block these activation emails. If unsure use free webmail accounts such as gmail, hotmail that don’t block these invitation emails.
  4. Use only lowercase letters and numbers, with no spaces, in the username
  5. The username is what they use to sign into the cloudlet dashboard and is displayed on posts and comments they write. You can’t change a username, however you can change what name is displayed.
  6. Once a new user clicks the link in the cloudlet invite email they will be sent an email with their username, their password and a login link
  7. Confirmed users are then listed as users on your Users > All Users page and only be able to access features in your cloudlet’s administration panel based on the role you’ve assigned them.

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