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Setting up Email Modules

Nov 22, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

2 minutes to read

Select the “Email Modules” tab.

Follow the Steps below to Add or Edit each Module you’d wish to create.

  1. Click on “Add New Module” button to add an email module or template. Templates can be created, edited and deleted.
    Select to “Add New Module” to create a New Template or “Edit” on the Module you wish to make changes to.


  2. Review all settings and ensure they are to your satisfaction.


  3. Review the Contents of your Message.
    Select the Red “Mail” Icon for further ways to personalise your message to your customers.


  4. Review all settings and ensure they are to your satisfaction.


  5. Please ensure that the active checkbox is selected for the template to be sent after the set period of time.
  6. Set the time period (after which the email should be sent) in the Send this email field.
    Emails can be sent in the range of minutes, hours and days.
  7. It’s good practice to click “Update Changes” after changing the settings, prior to sending a test email message.