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How to Add Cloudlet Pixels?

Dec 9, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

< 1 minute to read
  1. Click “Cloudlet Pixels” link in the left menu of your Cloudlet Dashboard
  2. Paste the Facebook Pixel ID inside the dedicated field (be careful not to paste the full code of the Pixel provided by Facebook – Just the ID)
  3. Scroll Down and check the “Activate Settings” button
  4. Click “Save Settings” Button


Quick FAQs

  1. What if I do not make any changes?
    On the first tab you will find various general settings. They work fine for most cases, but it is recommended to review them and make any changes that you might want.
  2. What happens after you activate the Pixel?
    Facebook Pixel code is added on every page of your site
    Search event is added on your search pages, search_string included