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Getting Started

Nov 22, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

< 1 minute to read

Managing Abandoned Carts.

Once the eShop Pro Abandoned Carts App is active, click on “eShop” followed by “Abandoned Carts”.

What is an abandoned cart?

A cart is considered as abandoned when users add products to the cart and do not place an order within the time limit set in eShop->Abandoned Carts->Settings->Cart Abandoned cut-off time. A record is created for logged-in users even if they do not reach the checkout page. However, for guest users, a record is created only if they reach the checkout page and enter their email address.

For logged-in users, the data displayed in the Abandoned Orders list is picked up from in eShop Pro. Whereas for guest users, only the first name, last name and email address is recorded.

Email Notifications

Select the Email admin on order recovery checkbox if you want to receive an email for every recovered order.