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Personal, Non-Commercial use
You may download, and print a limited amount of OneSpiffy ™ Website, Web Presence and Brand’s (collectively known as ‘OneSpiffy Websites’) content for your personal, home and noncommercial use.

You may NOT include excerpts or portions of OneSpiffy Brand and Product Websites information in printed memos, reports, and presentations, unless you have been given explicit Permission by OneSpiffy.

You may link from another site to OneSpiffy Websites online content, including reviews, articles, features, and video and audio clips.

Other Reproductions
Any other reproduction of OneSpiffy Websites content requires permission from us, and some forms of reproduction will require you to pay a licensing fee.

All commercial uses of OneSpiffy Websites content require our permission, including the following:

Use of OneSpiffy Websites content in advertisements or promotions;
Use of OneSpiffy Websites Trademarks and/or Logos (including award and scholarship/bursary logos);
Use of quotes, excerpts, or full text of OneSpiffy Websites reviews, articles, editorials or features;

OneSpiffy does not allow the reposting of its online content (including video, audio, text, graphics, layout, and code) on a Web site or a public discussion board except in the case of a specific licensing agreement explicitly agreed upon by the Director/s of OneSpiffy.

How to Get Permission ?
You may contact us via the website brands “Contact Us” form to obtain permission to reproduce or use the articles, reviews, or other features contained in any of our websites.